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What Is Bali Kratom? And It’s Benefits


Bali kratom is one of the most famous strains of kratom. before 2010, most mitragyna was just labeled kratom and it would be powdered bali. today, bali kratom is known as one of the premier slow strains, contrasting with maeng da(which is considered the farmer’s best strain) when it comes to speed.

Typical effects of bali kratom (these can happen in any strains, varying from person to person) incluide:

  • Relaxation
  • sleepiness
  • pain relief
  • anti anxiety
  • sedation
  • prosocial behavior
  • appetite supression
When to use bali kratom:

Bali can be used on any occasion, on any situation, but there are a few situations where this type of kratom really shines, incluiding:

Using bali for anxiety relief:

Bali kratom can kill your anxiety (cleanly) better than any other compound on earth, specially if you are prone to anxiety.

depending if you want to just chill at home on the computer or are going out, you might want to add a stimulant.

Bali strains are very effective for anxiety, but taking it (specially without a tolerance) without a stimulant can be anxiolytic but also sedating, you would be pretty happy but pretty spaced out too, which is to keep in mind if you are gonna use bali as a replacement to alcohol at nighttime.

so i recommend adding some caffeine with the bali to avoid the sedation. don’t worry, the kratom will kill all stimulant based jitters, leaving you with only the focus.

Using bali kratom for pain relief:

The most popular use of kratom, many people use kratom everyday for pain relief. from fibromyalga to muscular aches, kratom can help you if you suffer from chronic pain.

Any kind of kratom can help with pain relief, but bali is the best kratom for this use. you can use a normal dose of red vein bali when needed, or if you don’t want to be as sedated, mixing 1 parts red bali and 1 parts maeng da, or consuming some caffeine can help.

i would recommend stopping use of any narcotics before starting kratom.

Using bali kratom for appetite suppression

Did you know that bali kratom is excellent for appetite supression? if you have trouble following a diet, kratom (any strain really) can really help you with quieting your stomach.

i don’t need to use any hard stimulants anymore to help me dieting. i used to consume ephedrine but since i have started burning kratom i don’t need any of that.

anyways, the doses i recommend is the bali and maeng da combination, 2 grams of each. this gives you the the supression of the bali with the energy of the maeng da.


Anyways, bali kratom is very versatile. it can be adapted to any situation. it works fast, and it’s cheap. it surely can help most people with the issues i talked about in the article.


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