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What Is Maca? A Detailed Analysis


Maca is mysterious – there’s no doubt about that.  Researchers are just now beginning to understand Maca and the remarkable effects that it has on both body and mind. The Peruvians for centuries have revered it for its “Fountain of Youth” effect and already its abilites to increase libido, sperm counts and semen volume have been well-documented in both animal and human studies (which I describe in my link on Maca, Testosterone and Libido).

However, Maca’s superpowers go well beyond simple reproductive effects.  Maca seems to it definitely helps with some of the things that plague us in our modern lifestyles and middle age, including energy, libido, vitality, stress management and so on.  And for guys that take care of themselves with diet and exercise as well, it can give you that old I-want-to-rip-her-clothes-off feeling.

So how does Maca work its powerful effects?  One would immediately expect it to be a testosterone or leutinizing hormone increaser, but studies have not shown that to be the case.  The answer probably lies in its effect on our central nervous system.  For example, a 2010 study in vitro, i.e. “test tubes”, and on rats found that maca was neuroprotective.   Furthermore, it has (at least in women) been found to overcome SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction.   SSRI’s, the largest and most popular class of anti-depressant drugs currently on the market, are famed for their “relaxing and calming” effect, which, unfortunately, can translate to an overly tranquilizing effect on sexual desire.  Maca, again at least in women, helps overcome this neurotransmitter soup and reignites passion.


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