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The Virtues Of Maeng Da Kratom


Lately I have been getting very good quality Kratom and Kanna, Sceletium Tortuosum. I think that the Kratom trips i have had none of you have even come close to experience. Strong Physical Pleasure and Euphoria. Kratom not only is it mentally Euphoric but the physical sensation is very pleasurable.

The Kratom I get is from Indonesia and the Kanna from South Africa good quality shit . I hate it when you guys on Bluelight refuse to input into my Forum or my posts.

Anyhow here is my Kratom trip report: I took 3-5 grams of Maeng Da kratom and to top it off I took 3 more grams of Bali Kratom..

When the initial effects come on my mind calms down, whilst my physical energy spikes my levels of exciting spike as well. Accentuation of senses such as Vision and hearing occur in this state as well.

Music is very much so enjoyable on kratom.

Then the Physical pleasure load starts to appear it starts in the middle of my spinal column and it radiates to all sides of my body, my legs feel like jello the sensation is unbelievable I feel tingles all over my legs ( The sensation over my legs is weird pleasurable) Sometimes when I walk around whilst on Kratom it feels like im floating or some shit. My knees are crappy and I feel knee pain and I get pain in my back as well Kratom seems to ease this pain better than Marijuana, Hydrcodone and Tramadol . Moderate feelings of pleasure that are coming from my mind a strong feeling of ease whilst at the same time the feelings of physical pleasure are evident too. It feels like the Euphoric and Mental Pleasure effect of Kratom as well as the Physical pleasure and load are coupled and they come on the same time.

I find that the Body high I get on Kratom is one of the best , better than Cocaine, Mushrooms, Marijuana, Sceletium Tortuosum. The sensation is hard to explain. But its mellow as well and you can just lay on your bed then put on some good tunes and just lay there without a thought and feel the heavy pleasurable body load.

Kratom is also slightly psychedelic, it is confirmed as Mitragynine has a tryptamine structure and it will bind to Serotonin receptors. I felt more intune with Nature a few times on kratom it is especially good if combined with Mushrooms or Sceletium Tortuosum . Sociability increases with kratom actually the conversations seem to flow very well you just say what you gotta say and you dont feel any social tension a very nice social inhibition. Kratom also seems to ease Alcohol cravings or the need to drink booze. I took Kratom once before going out to the club and I only drank one beer whilst there and had a good time.

Music sounds amazing on Kratom. Stimulation is more so Cocaine like then Amphetamine like whilst Sedation is Morphine like. Its that mellow type of stimulation though I find Kratom to be a nice mental stimulant its an okay Physical stimulant. I find the effects of Kratom as when the Euphoria is talked about and the physical sensation that it is stronger than Tramadol and stronger than Marijuana and Hydrocodone and Codeine. But you gotta know your Kratom Strains. I recommend Golden Indo Kratom and I recommend Maeng Da Kratom.

The come up is about 30 minutes, effects are strongest for about an hour then you reach a baseline where the effects stay at that level for another hour or two and then you rapidly revert back down( The bad side with Kratom is that the high is short 2-4 hours) Taking more Kratom is stupid as I found you can only get so intoxicated there is a plateau with Kratom there is a limit this is about 10 grams of Bali kratom 5-7 grams of Maeng Da Kratom and 10-15 of Indo Kratom if you take more you just throw up get nausea and vomitus . The Come up and the Come down with good Kratom are very smooth. There is a crash with some more potent kratom as well where the next day you feel a bit more anxious, depressed, lethargic, tense and you even get slight diarhea or constipation the next day.

So the main point of Kratom is that the Body high is very good and amazing pleasurable( This effect I find the most rewarding) as well as the pain relief its great for like your knees, back those messed up places and its also good post workout after the gym the body high of kratom feels so much better when your sore all over . The Mental effects are cocaine like stimulation which proceeds to Morphine like sedation The Euphoric effects are nice but I find it more so like a physical Euphoria like the Mental Euphoria is there because your getting such nice Physical pleasure have others felt this? . Maeng Da is probably one of the most potent strains and the body high on that strain is magnficient the stimulation is more so mild but you feel more empathetic and more sociability. Kratom deff increases Empathy and sociability. I also found that there is an increase in serotonin not only effects on Opiod receptors cause last night I took the Kratom after I took my Kanna extract and I noticed that my heart was racing a bit more than usual tachycardia, I noticed stronger connections with Nature and stronger Empathy and I noticed that the sedative effects of Kratom and the nod of Kratom was abolished.

The effects of Bali Kratom are very mild more on par with Tramadol. Whilst Maeng Da Kratom and Bali are more so on par with the effect of hydrocodone and Codeine.

Kratom is better for your mind than blazin. I notice my mind is very clear on Kratom and my cognitive abilities are at times enhanced, like if im reading or studying after i took kratom my mind is only focusing on one thing there isn’t any Mental background interference and my concentration is more focused makes me wonder though. Is Kratom a good remedy for ADHD? Kratom has antoxidants epicatchein such as those found in Green tea and Dark Chocolate. I also find that the Body high on Kratom is 10 to 100 more times more intense than a Marijuana body high, I find that when stoned and one converses with people their intellect and their capabilities to express themselves are impaired whilst on Kratom such traits are increased.

Kratom is not so addictive for me though and i Have gone on a 3 week binge where i took it everyday and my withdrawal was mild.

Though the pleasurable effects of Kratom with daily usage are short lived. Though the other positive effects persist. I find Kratom mixes well with Kanna, Sceletium Tortuosum and you can combine the two for a nice analgesic, antidepressant anti anxiety effect as well as a nice increase in your sex drive, this combo makes me a little horny.

just know bali is a milder high your better of with Maeng Da and Indo . But if you want pain relief and nothing of an overwhelming feeling or not a feeling of being high than Bali is a good way to go. With Maeng da and Indo there is strong intoxication.

Kratom even the milder strains like Bali reduce pain both physical and Emotional and enhance pleasure. Increase appreciation of music, music sounds amazing on Kratom. Also playing an instrument is very nice as well.


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